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In this lecture, Paul Gilroy will return to the vexed issue of where the bloody history and memory of colonial history sit in the larger project of making a postcolonial Europe that is at ease with itself and not phobic about alterity. He will also engage the issue of shame directly and speculate about its relationship to the social and indeed the ethical life of an emergent multicultural polity.

This lecture was given within the framework of the symposium “The Idea Of Europe: Memories and Postcolonial Europe”, aimed to discuss how Europe can be rethought from a postcolonial and postsecular memory production. The first part of the event focused on the concept and production of memory and ways in which the concept is constructed and contested; the second part focused around the topic of ‘Postcolonial Europe’, and aimed at developing an in-depth analysis of Occidentalism which requires a further understanding of the contemporary postsecular climate both within and beyond Europe’s borders.