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Dr. Patrick Eyres is editor-publisher of the New Arcadian Journal, which engages with the cultural politics of landscape gardens. The 50th edition (2011) explores the significance of ‘The Blackamoor’ statue in 18th-century British gardens. The subject arose through the need to interpret the restored statue at Wentworth Castle. Patrick represents the Georgian Group on the Board of Trustees supervising the ongoing restoration of buildings, monuments, gardens and parkland within this Grade I historical landscape. He has published in numerous books and journals, and co-edited Sculpture and the Garden (Ashgate, 2006). He knew the poet-gardener Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006) for almost thirty years and is thus a member of the Little Sparta Trust, which seeks to safeguard this unique garden. Patrick is also on the board of the Garden History Society and Leeds Art Fund, and a member of the Yorkshire Gardens Trust, Public Monuments and Sculpture Association and Folly Fellowship.