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Carmelita Serkei’s lecture is preceded by a lecture by Marcus Gilroy-Ware.

The Utrecht-based knowledge-centre  Mira Media advises and supports media organizations, media professionals and organizations of ethnic and religious minority groups and training journalists in their pursuit of a diverse range of views, insights and backgrounds. In addition, Mira Media publishes the news Wereldjournalisten.nl and encourages the use of media as a tool for social cohesion across the network Media4me. Mira Media is not only in Utrecht and the Netherlands, but also active at European level.
The presentation by Mira Media was for the students a moment to get acquainted with a Utrecht organization that operates at both local and international level to support the representation of cultural diversity in media. A theme that was central – and closely related to the content of the Intensive Programme –
was the question how, as a journalist, to account for the representation of stories, memories and histories that are sensitive or controversial in nature. It was discussed in particular the relationship between media and the multicultural society, intercultural journalism

This lecture was given within the framework of the 2011 School of Critical Theory organized by the Centre for the Humanities in Utrecht. The programme was titled ‘G-local Cosmopolitanism: The Social Responsibility of the Artists, the Academics, and the Media’, and offered trans-national and interdisciplinary approaches drawn from the humanities, social sciences, law, philosophy and international relations. Its focus on the development of cross-national European perspectives in these areas, allows for the innovative use of key notions of cosmopolitanism across different national, cultural and disciplinary traditions. The school consisted of three clusters, which focused on Cosmopolitanism and the social responsibility of the Artists, Cosmopolitanism and the social responsibility of the Academics, and Cosmopolitanism and the social responsibility of the Media.