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Martti Koskenniemi is currently Professor of International Law at the University of Helsinki and Director of the Erik Castren Institute of International Law and Human Rights. Professor Koskenniemi holds honorary doctorates from the universities of Uppsala and Frankfurt and he has held several visiting Professorships, including with the New York University School of Law, the University of Cambridge and Universities of Paris. Martti Koskenniemi was legal advisor with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs 1978-1994, representing Finland in numerous international institutins, including the UN Securotyy Council in 1989-1990. He was Finland’s counsel in the International Court of Justice in 1991-2 and also in 2009, when he advised on the Unilateral Declaration of Independence of Kosovo. From 1997-2003 he served as judge in the administrative tribunal of the Asian Development Bank and in 2002-6 he was a Member of the International Law Commission at the United Nations. Professor Koskenniemi has specialized in the history and theory of international law and his present work on the intellectual history of international law focuses also on the context of the Treaty of Utrecht. Both as a researcher and as a practitioner, Koskenniemi has contributed to increase our awareness of the importance of that treaty and of international law in general in dealing with the different forms of violence and inhumanity that underscore the practice of wars and conflict. The theme of violence, war, human rights and their violation lies at the core of the Treaty of Utrecht commemoration in 2013.