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Markus Balkenhol Website

Markus Balkenhol holds a PhD degree  as part of the research programme ‘Heritage Dynamics’ from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Before that, he earned a M.A. degree in social anthropology from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and a Magister degree in anthropology and German literature from Freie Universität Berlin. Currently he is affiliated with Meertens Instituut and the Department of Religious Studies at Utrecht University, where he is working as a post-doctoral researcher. In his PhD, he researched the commemoration of slavery in the Netherlands. In particular, his aim was to understand the relationships of public or collective expressions of colonial heritage and their visceral and intimate experience in the formation of political subjectivities in the Netherlands. Markus is also affiliated with the Centre for the Humanities in Utrecht as a post-doctoral fellow. In the Centre’s project on the postsecular, he researches the intersections of the postsecular and the postcolonial in acts of citizenship. His main research interests include memory studies, post-colonialism, the postsecular, the body, aesthetics, citizenship, religion, cultural heritage.