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Luisa Passerini Website

Luisa Passerini is an oral historian, writer, and professor of history. She began her career as a researcher in Tanzania and Zambia. Returning to Italy, she became involved in the movements of the late 1960s and 1970s, particularly the feminist movement, about which she has written a memoir, Autobiography of a Generation. She has taught in Australia, Germany, and the United States as well as in Italy, where she is a Professor of History at the University of Turin, and has just completed a term as a Professor of 20th Century History at the European University Institute in Florence. Passerini is the author of seven books and the editor of eight. She has done pioneering oral history work on the World War II period, focussing on themes of memory and the Resistance; fascism and the working class; and is currently doing an intellectual history of European identity in relation to the idea of love.