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This lecture is introduced by Prof. Rosi Braidotti.

This lecture was given by Prof. Donna Haraway within the framework of the symposium “The Human and Its Animal Other” held in Utrecht in April 2011. The aim of this symposium was to explore and discuss the complex interaction between conception of the Human and its animal ‘other’. The symposium started from the assumption that the animal, as a figure of otherness is constitutive of human self-understanding. The animal shares the function of boundary-marker between the dominant vision of the subject and his others and in this regards shares a position of constitutive otherness with referents such as women, indigenous people and racialized others. Considering the negative dialectics of difference at work in our culture, the constitutive others are the objects not only of denigration but also of violence and abuse. The symposium did not only focus on these aspects, however, but worked together a more affirmative formulation of human-animal interaction in the framework of the techno-culture of today.