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Jolle Demmers is Associate Professor and co-founder of the Centre for Conflict Studies, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She lectures and writes on theories of violent conflict, the role of diasporas in violent conflict, and on ethnographies of neoliberalism. She was Associate Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley (2007) and guest lectured at University of Ruhuna (Sri Lanka), Sabanci University (Turkey), Coimbra University (Portugal), and the European Peace University (Austria). Demmers studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam (MA, 1993) and carried out her PhD research on caciquismo, political violence and neoliberal reform in Mexico (Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University, PhD 1999). She is currently academic coordinator of the EU funded Marie Curie programme Sustainable Peacebuidling (2010-2014) and is academic representative of the Thematic Network Humanitarian Net (Peace and Conflict Studies). She has conducted years of fieldwork on political violence in central and southern Mexico and Sri Lanka. Jolle is currently engaged in writing projects on War Games, Representations of Borderland Violence, Bluffing the State in Violent Conflict, and Perpetual Peace. She is board member of the Centre for the Humanities (Utrecht University) and is running the Politics of Portrayal research programme. Her latest book Theories of Violent Conflict heads Routledge’s Military & Security Studies Bestsellers list. Jolle Demmers is principal organiser of the international conference REMOTE CONTROL: Violence/Containment/Technology (12-13 december 2014, Utrecht).

Recent publications include:

‘Neoliberal Discourses on Violence: Monstrosity and Rape in Borderland War’, in Ponzanesi, Sandra (ed) Gender, Globalisation and Violence: Postcolonial Conflict Zones, London and New York: Routledge, pp 27-44 (2014)

‘Theorizing the Politics of Judgment’ in Hintjens, Helen and  Dubravka Zarkov (eds.) Conflict, Peace, Security and Development, London and New York: Routledge, pp. 234-246 (2014).