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Joanna Bourke is Professor of History at Birkbeck College, University of London. She is the prize-winning author of nine books, including histories on modern warfare and atrocities, military medicine, psychology and psychiatry, the emotions, and rape. She has just completed a book on the history of what it means to be human. An Intimate History of Killing won the Wolfson Prize and the Fraenkel Prize. Her 40-CD audio history of Britain, entitled “Eyewitness”, won the Gold for the Best Audio Production for Volume 1910-1919, Gold for the Best Audio Production for Volume 1940-1949, and the Gold for the Most Original Audio for all 10 volumes. She is a frequent contributor to TV and radio shows, and a regular correspondent for newspapers.


24 January 2011

The Politics of Atrocities in Modern Political Life: The Role of Torture in Anglo-American Conflicts between 1914 and 2011

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