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Jan-Willem Duyvendak’s lecture is preceded by a lecture by Ido de Haan.

One of the most frequently used metaphors in the public debate in Europe is that of ‘home’. In the debate on migration and national identity, both newcomers and the ‘autochtonous’ population is said to lack ‘feeling at home’. Yet what does it mean to feel at home? And how valuable is this home-feeling? In this lecture, the various aspects of feeling at home, individually, as a group, and within nations, are explored.

This lecture was given within the framework of the 2010 School of Critical Theory organized by the Centre for the Humanities in Utrecht. The programme was titled ‘Cosmopolitanism, Peace and Conflict’, and offered trans-national and interdisciplinary approaches drawn from the humanities, social sciences, law, philosophy and international relations. Its focus on the development of crossnational European perspectives in these areas, allows for the innovative use of key notions of cosmopolitanism and diversity as bridge-makers across different national, cultural and disciplinary traditions. The school consisted of three clusters, which focused on Populism and anti-cosmopolitanism in Europe today, Frames of War, and Legal Theory and Cosmopolitics.