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Anya Topolski has two bachelor degrees at McGill University in Montreal, Canada: BSc in Biochemistry (1999) and an BA Honours in Philosophy (2000). After a brief but memorable experience teaching in Korea, Anya moved to Belgium to complete a Masters in Continental Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude) specialising in the political thought of Hannah Arendt. She recently obtained her PhD in Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude) at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Her dissertation was awarded the Auschwitz Foundation Stichting Prize and is currently under review for publication. In 2008 she completed a postdoctorate at the KULeuven on the relation between ethics and politics. She is currently engaged at the Technical University Eindhoven and the Netherlands Defence Academy as an NWO research fellow in the field of military ethics, post-Srebrenica research, responsibility and judgment. In addition she is a lecturer at the University of Kent in Brussels in Political Rhetoric.