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Tine De Moor (PhD; Ghent, Antwerp and London) is currently Chair in Institutions for collective action in historical perspective at the department for economic and social history of Utrecht University. Through an interdisciplinary approach for the study of the long-term evolution of rural commons, De Moor has been able to revise the historical basis of the widely debated metaphor of the Tragedy of the Commons, as launched in 1968 by G. Hardin. Whereas from a modern-day perspective the flaws in Hardin’s theory have been well-documented, the historical deficiencies in his theory were hardly ever studied. De Moor’s research, combined extensive empirical research and analysis with explicit modelling and a strongly developed theoretical framework, has been published in several books, journals. She is also the (co-)founder of the peerreviewed journal the International Journal of the Commons, and she has been member of the Executive council of the International Association for the Study of the Commons since 2008. De Moor is currently in charge of two large projects on institutions for collective action, of which one is a European Research Council Starting Grant.