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In this lecture, Braidotti wants to defend the political importance of the Pussy Riot project, stressing the notion of the political in the mode of socio-cultural activism. She does so by highlighting two aspects of this project that pertain to a long and distinguished tradition of feminist politics: on the one hand, the powers of visualization, recognition and re-presentation; and on the other hand, the use of the musical means to contest the political economy of consumerism and the standard gender roles of western societies.

The First Supper Symposium (FSS) is a collaborative feminist art project, founded by artists and curators Gidsken Braadlie and Lisa Pacini in Oslo in 2012. The 2014 First Supper Symposium gathered renowned speakers to provide different perspectives on Pussy Riot’s punk protest performances – from gender theory to Russian contemporary art practice – in dialogue with members of the feminist collective.