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30 August 2015

Music, Drugs and Emancipation: On Bach’s Coffee Cantate – Eventalk with Prof. Rosi Braidotti

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Prof. Rosi Braidotti, Distinguished University Professor and founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University, is the second guest of the Eventalks series on the 30th of August 2015. The initiative was organized by the Organisatie Oudemuziek, in close collaboration with the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University and the Residenties in Utrecht programme. The series of talks took place during the Early Music Festival 2015 at TivoliVredenburg. The Eventalks consisted of a short (15 minute) spoken intervention by a thinker, scholar or teacher, accompanied by music that strives to guide us, ever so gently, towards the coming of the darkness.