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Dr ir. Melanie Peters is director of Studium Generale at Utrecht University since 2006. She teaches “Interdisciplinary leadership” in the Liberal Arts and Sciences BA, Utrecht University. After her studies on Food Technology and Toxicology at Wageningen University, Peters received her PhD in 1993 in Biochemistry and Pharmacology at Imperial College in London. She then spent three years at the University of Austin, Texas, where she did research on the development of kidney cancer. After returning from the United States, she worked as a researcher and toxicologist at the Shell Research and Development in Amsterdam.
In 1998, Peters left her scientific activities and started a more policy-oriented work, thus serving as an account manager for veterinary drugs and hormones at the Ministry of Agriculture. She represented the Netherlands at the WTO and in the board of the European Agency for the approval of Medicinal Products (EMEA). Two years later she moved to the Consumers’ Association, where she served for six years in charge of campaigns in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility and Health. There, she defended the interests of consumers, in consultation with companies and national and international bodies such as the ESC, the European Union and the WTO.