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Henk Oosterling Website

Henk Oosterling teaches dialectic philosophy, French philosophy of differences, intercultural philosophy and philosophy of arts in the Faculty of Philosophy since 1985 and is associate professor since 2001. Oosterling plays an active role in the city of Rotterdam. He is strategic advisor for the Integrality Renovation Project ‘Pact op Zuid’. This is a joint investment program for Rotterdam South (population: 180.000) that endorses reducing selective migration by 2015 in order to retain residents from middle or higher income groups and to increase residents’ satisfaction with their living conditions. Furthermore, the Pact aims at a higher employment level and a lower vocational training dropout rate. Oosterling is initiator and operational director of ‘Rotterdam Skillcity’, a bottom up research model for urban revitalisation and renovation, focused on the specific social-cultural and socio-economic situation of Rotterdam. In 2008, Oosterling received the ‘Laurenspenning’ for his important role in and contribution to social and cultural life in Rotterdam.