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From January to June 2012, Femke Halsema held the Treaty of Utrecht (Vrede van Utrecht) Visiting Chair at Utrecht University, Centre for the Humanities. In her role as visiting professor, she conducted research on the meaning of communication technology and social media for human rights and democracy.

The Treaty of Utrecht Chair programme was founded to highlight the relevance of the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) in current European and international perspective. Central in this programme are social sustainability, cultural diversity, dialogue, respect for each other, mediation, tolerance, inspiration and diplomacy. The Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1713 and is considered to be the commencement of modern diplomacy. This treaty marked the end of almost two centuries of (religious) wars and conflicts. In 1713 the rich and festive offer of art and cultural activities in Utrecht was the binding factor between the different cultures of the diplomats and negotiators, which brought them closer and made the signing of the Treaty easier. The Treaty of Utrecht Chair is an initiative of the Province of Utrecht and is sponsored by Utrecht University, the Treaty of Utrecht Organisation and the Province of Utrecht. The Chair is hosted by the Centre for the Humanities of the Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University.