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Chia Longman is Associate Professor in Gender Studies, Director of the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender, and Director of the Inter University Master Programme in Gender and Diversity at Ghent University, Belgium. She earned a MA in Comparative Science of Culture in 1996 and PhD in Comparative Science of Culture in 2002 from Ghent University.
She has been a visiting scholar in the Women’s Studies in Religion Programme at Harvard University (2002), in the Gender & Religions Research Centre of the School for Oriental & African Studies at University of London (2006), and at the Institute for Jewish Studies of the University of Antwerp (2009). She has been the Coordinator of ella (Expertise Centre Gender & Ethnicity) in Brussels in 2012-2013. She served as Visiting professor at the University of Hull in 2015.
Her research interests include: anthropology of gender & ethnicity; comparative religion; gender and religion; feminist theory; intersectional theory and methodology; women and fundamentalism; social scientific study of Orthodox Jewry and Islam; multiculturalism and citizenship in Europe; theory and methodology in religious studies; kinship & mothering; harmful cultural practices; modesty practices, veiling & hijab; holistic and secular spiritualities and mental well-being.
She is currently engaged in a research project on Postsecular Femininities: Women’s Spirituality in Contemporary Well-Being Culture, which involves an ethnographic analysis of women’s agency (in Dutch ‘vrouwenkracht’) in a broad arena of spirituality practices through to coaching and personal growth, in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK in a transnational context.